Introduction to Giannini’s Life Journey with Bob McAlpine

Introduction to Giannini’s Life Journey with Special Guest Bob McAlpine

June 27, 2017 2:00-4:00pm US Central

2 CE Credit Hours for MBTI(R) MP and APA

Come join us for our June eChapter program featuring Bob McAlpine! In this engaging workshop, Bob will introduce a key inspiration to his latest research project.

Recording: Click Here to Download mp3 file recording.

This workshop is focused on understanding the function couplings within the psychological types described by Jung and Myers. Bob will outline how John Giannini posits one moves through these couplings as one ages and the role each plays in the life journey.

Participants will:

  1. Recognize the sequential nature of the journey through the couplings and why that journey is sequential.
  2. Recognize the importance that completing the journey has on one’s self esteem and interpersonal relationships.

The program details a life development model that encompasses one moving through each of the functions identified by Jung, and it explains why completing this journey is essential to a successful life. Compass of the Soul by John Giannini is recommended reading.


$6 for eChapter members (discount code to be emailed to members), $25 for guests.


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Speaker Bio

As president of Type Resources, Bob McAlpine led training on type and the eight functions and co-authored a book on that subject. He designed and managed leadership assessment and development programs for hundreds of officers in the U.S. Army’s Organizational Leadership and TQM Programs for Executives. Together with John Giannini, he co-facilitated a yearlong series of web discussions on Giannini’s concept of the function couplings and dream work. Since 2000, he has co-designed workshops with John Beebe to introduce Beebe’s 8 Function-Attitude, 8 Archetype model and to foster its application. He also leads training in applying the Beebe model to teamwork, problem-solving, meeting management, and executive coaching.