Frequently-Asked Questions

Try as we might to be proactive about these kinds of things, some questions still come up on a fairly regular basis.  Continue to ask away, and we’ll grow the list as needed.

  • I’m a member of a regular APTi chapter.  Can I join the eChapter instead?

As long as you’re a member of APT International (APTi) or equivalent national APT organization, you’re welcome to join us.

We’re not here to compete with on-ground chapters, but to provide opportunities for those of us without access to a local chapter.  If you are lucky enough to have an on-ground chapter where you are, consider belonging to the local chapter and our chapter at the same time!

  • I already paid my dues to become a member of APT International.  Why didn’t they sign me up as a member of the eChapter?

Paying membership dues to APTi makes you a member of APTi.  Membership in a chapter — ours or any other — is optional and not a part of your APTi. You must join the eChapter separately. Click here for how.

  • Why do I have to be a member of APTi / BAPT / AusAPT etc. to be a member of the APT eChapter?

The eChapter has been created by a task force of APTi members who wanted to meet the needs of under-served APTi members who are unable to join a local on-ground chapter.  While on-ground chapter members are more than welcome to join, to stay true to our charter, we require membership in APTi (or equivalent) as a condition to join our chapter.

The list of APTi-equivalent organizations includes:

AFTP – France APT (Association Francophone des Types Psychologiques)
AusAPT – Australia APT
BAPT – British APT
DGAT – Germany APT (Deutsche Gesellschaft für angewandte Typologie)
Irish MBTI® Users’ Group
Japan APT
Korea APT
Latin America APT
NZAPT – New Zealand APT
SAAPT – South Africa Association for Psychological Type
SFPT- Sweden (Svenska föreningen för Psykologiska Typer)
Type Association Benelux®

If you belong to a national APT association not on this list, please contact the eChapter President for possible inclusion.

  • Why do you charge program fees?

As a chapter, we are required to be financially self-sustaining.  We charge a modest fee to cover the ongoing costs associated with conference bridges, webinar service subscriptions, our website and other administrative expenses we incur.

  • I signed up for the next program but I didn’t get the login information yet.  When am I supposed to be contacted?

The login information is sent before the program; the time varies based on the availability of  program information and handouts, the technology used for program presentation (teleconference, webinar, internet course, etc.) If you still have not received access information the day before the program, please contact the eChapter VP of Programs.

  • I’d like to help out the chapter.  What needs does the eChapter have?

Contact our President or any member of our Board of Directors to discuss what you’d like to offer in terms of time and talent. Our usual needs are for Board members, committee members and presenters.